Новый аромат Byredo Young Rose
4 Oct 2021

New fragrance Byredo Young Rose

Swedish perfumery brand Byredo releases a new fragrance, Young Rose. The novelty is dedicated to the relationship of traditions, it’s the damask rose responsible for this, and a new generation - it embodies the notes of Sichuan pepper, musk, ambroxan and ambrette seeds.

The fragrance is inspired by the trip of the brand's founder and creative director Ben Gorham to China. “All generations to come have a common emotional obligation - to rethink anything their predecessors did, to do away with traditions to create something groundbreaking. Fearlessly, must they dive deep into the unknown as well as ascend to new heights of creation and creativity. Young Rose embodies and celebrates these aspirations, the unstoppable spirit of youth,” Ben says.

Taking a new look at the tradition of perfumery from the perspective of a new generation, makes Young Rose an ode to perpetual motion, the diary of a generation energized to create something new, a way totally unlike anything.

Get acquainted with the novelty in the "Perfumery and Cosmetics" beauty space on the 1st floor of the "Vremena Goda" Galleries.