Новый бренд Giardano Magico
27 Feb 2023

New brand: Giardino Magico

Giardino Magico is a line of perfumes and skin care products based on a palette of 11 fragrances, each with its unique mood. Giardino Magico products are created with the experience of the best Italian perfumers and the fantasy of a fabulous, magically wonderful garden. These products become a part of life, bringing new Impressions.

These skin care items and fragrances are inspired by Tuscan perfume houses, which have been producing the best scented cosmetics and perfumes widely known all around the world. The labels of each product are designed using a color that expresses the character and mood of each Giardino Magico collection fragrance. Magical Italian gardens, boasting of a variety of flora and flower meadows, inspire us to have an amazing journey with the help of the brand's products.

Perfumery and cosmetics, 1st Floor