Новый бутик LNB Studio
17 May 2023

LNB Studio new boutique store

LNB Studio is a Tbilisi-based handcrafted bespoke clothing and footwear brand.

All stages of product production take place in the workshop of LNB Studio, from the sketch to the reality. For tailoring, we employ technology utilized by top designers in the production of classic men's suits; as a result, the brand's jackets and coats retain their form and maintain a clean silhouette.

All LNB Studio collections and little drops are unified by a mood of militant femininity, where harsh angles are softened by smooth lines and brutal shapes are tamed by the elegance of texture. Georgia's fashion sense influenced the brand's primary hue, deep black. However, in addition to timeless classics, the project's designers are inspired by natural sceneries, cosmic themes, and urban aesthetics.

LNB Studio, 3d Floor