Новый мужской аромат от Louis Vuitton – парфюм Meteore
9 Oct 2020

New LouisVuitton men's fragrance - Meteore

For creating Meteore Cavallier-Belletrud focused on the Sicilian mandarin. The ingredient of an exceptional quality fills the heart of the fragrance with an airy freshness resonating with the trio of peppers. The center of the composition makes Javanese vetiver, it reveals noble facets of fresh, amber as well as earthy notes. This fragrance combines the elements of both earth and sky - the embodiment of boundless modern elegance.

In 2018, Louis Vuitton introduced a men's fragrance line, having released five fragrances since then. The new Meteore has become the sixth piece in this collection. It was created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud in his workshop in the French Grasse.

Louis Vuitton, ground floor