Во «Временах Года» открылись бутики Billionaire и Plein Sport
26 Sep 2018

Billionaire and Plein Sport Boutiques are Opened in Vremena Goda

Vremena Goda continues to delight guests with bright openings of world famous boutiques. Galleries clients have different preferences in style but their desire for the best remains the same. Trying to meet these requirements, Vremena Goda presents new boutiques of men’s clothing Billionaire and stylish sportswear Plein Sport.

Billionaire Boutique Opening

The brand is famous for its collections of men’s clothing with a bright design, unsurpassed quality and materials. In Billionaire in Vremena Goda, guests will have the opportunity to find a luxurious set of clothes that meets the latest trends and an unsurpassed sense of style. Being among the customers of the boutique means being one of the chosen, successful and self-confident people – this is how the creators position the brand. Now the visitors of Vremena Goda have the opportunity to become a member of this private club.

The main concept of the boutique is the traditional interior of the mansions of financial magnates of the early 20th century: a combination of black and gold hues, Levanto marble, polished brass and Makhagoni wood. Large coins with the image of a lion, a symbol of the brand, decorating lamps, carpets, walls and door handles are its distinguishing features.

The store has a full range of men’s clothing and accessories collection.

Billionaire boutique in Vremena Goda is located on the 2nd floor.

Plein Sport Boutique Opening

The long-awaited boutique of stylish sportswear Plein Sport supervised by Phillip Plein, designer of the eponymous brand, opened its doors in Vremena Goda.

PLEIN SPORT is the world’s first luxury sportswear brand which has no analogues.

Founded in 2017 by designer Philippe Plain, PLEIN SPORT is an independent brand with an original concept. The aesthetics of the brand is inspired by the stars of extreme sports, whose energy, thirst for adrenaline and independence fully reflect the values of the brand.

PLEIN SPORT brand is created exclusively for active sports. This is the most suitable option for training: clothes is made using advanced technology and is created to achieve results. For the first time in the sporting goods market, a seductive sense of luxury is combined with functionality.

Plein Sport boutique in Vremena Goda is on the 3rd floor