Perce-Neige представляет новую коллекцию шелковых платков
28 Feb 2023

Perce-Neige presents a new collection of silk scarves

Perce-Neige author's atelier presents a new collection of silk scarves, released for International Women's Day.

Silk scarves with designer prints are a stylish and elegant gift for ladies. Each scarf created by our designers is a piece of art attracting attention with its unique beauty.

The collection includes scarves made of natural mulberry silk with three author's prints, so that every lady can find the perfect match. We use only high quality materials and pay attention to every detail during the manufacturing process.

Perce-Neige author's atelier is open for everyone who wants to purchase a unique gift for themselves or their loved ones — welcome to our boutique on the 3rd Floor of the "Vremena Goda" Galleries. Perce-Neige scarves will definitely become one of the favorite accessories in their owners' wardrobes.