Пляжно-круизная коллекция 2019 в Eres
15 Oct 2018

Beach Cruise Collection 2019 in Eres

The beach cruise collection 2019 is a mixture of different styles, seriousness and fun, pompousness and elegance, tranquility and madness.

Our muse leaves her apartment and goes on a winter cruise to islands and warm seas.

Refined lines reflect her passion for elegant, radiant couture luxury.

Backgammon is based on a play of graphic matte stripes with shiny ones emphasizing the beauty of the body. This line, whose main feature is golden luster, creating the effect of radiant skin, embodies the meeting of male and female origin.

Poker is made in a more strict style based on a fine balance of seductiveness and restraint, with knots elegantly and thoughtfully built into the style.

Each model looks unique and makes an unforgettable impression.

After makes you think about elegant cocktail dresses in the style of the 1970s and a beautiful woman sipping champagne on the terrace overlooking the bay and the lights of the city, flickering in the distance, under the dome of a velvet black star sky. It’s a moment of enjoying the last minutes of the party...

Eres, Vremena Goda, Kutuzov Avenue, 48, 3rd floo