Торжественное открытие бутика Perce-Neige
12 Dec 2022

Perce-Neige boutique grand opening

Moscow haute couture lovers are already familiar with the Perce-Neige unique project: an author's studio, located in a historic mansion on Bolshaya Polyanka. Natalya Garayeva, the studio's author and mastermind, presented a new chamber boutique space at the Vremena Goda Galleries.

“We are excited to announce the grand opening of a flagship boutique under the Perce-Neige brand," says Natalia. “Perce-Neige limited edition collections, as well as the bespoke service at Atelier, are aimed at providing our guests with the highest clothing quality and exceptional customer care.”

The boutique's atmosphere can be compared to the best European fashion houses, and all the guests at this special event enjoyed this "haute couture" vibe. Tatiana Navka, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Victoria Manasir and other brand's friends wore Perce-Neige outfits and shone brighter than diamonds.

Perce-Neige, 3d floor