В магазине re:Store актуальное новогоднее предложение
13 Dec 2018

Up-to-Date New Year Offer At re:Store

Buy Apple products from re:Store by installments up to 24 months without a first payment and overpayments. The offer is valid for various models of iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

You get the device today and pay for it in small equal payments for 6, 12 or 24 months. In this case, the total amount of payments will be the same as if you buy the device without installments. How does it work? You choose a promotion model. Fill in an application at the store (you will need a passport). Pick up accessories at re:Store when they consider your application (no more than 30 minutes). Everything is pretty simple. You needn’t save on a new iPhone or Mac, you can already start using the cherished gadget today.