Часы с вечным календарем из тантала Octo Finissimo BVLGARI
6 Sep 2021

Octo Finissimo BVLGARI tantalum perpetual calendar watch

BVLGARI releases the Octo Finissimo tantalum perpetual calendar watch for the charity auction Only Watch.

Tantalum is one of the rarest and most special metals distinguished by extremely resistance to corrosion as well as absolute biocompatibility - therefore it is used in the production of medical implants, nuclear power and electronics. Tantalum is twice as hard as titanium and is very difficult to process. The production of the tantalum case takes four times longer than the production of a case made of gold.

This unique piece features the basic characteristics of the predecessor models. The in-house movement is equipped with a perpetual calendar, finely embodying all facets of the calendar calculus up to the end of February 2100. This watch is Bvlgari's seventh world record for ultra-thin watches.

The watch features a 2.75mm-thick movement, a masterpiece of miniaturization in watchmaking. It rotates the hour and minute hands, and also switches all indicators of the perpetual calendar: sector indicators of the date and leap year cycle, as well as the classic day and month indicators.

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