Hermès представляет новый парфюм Twilly Eau Ginger
25 Aug 2021

Hermès unveils the new Twilly Eau Ginger perfume

Hermès introduces a new woman fragrance Twilly Eau Ginger. Eau de Parfum is inspired by modern young women, creative and daring, willing to break the rules.

At the head of the Twilly d'Hermès Eau Ginger perfume is candied ginger, distinguished by vibrant floral and feminine character. In addition, the fragrance features two more bright and rich accords: peony and cedar.

This is the third fragrance from the Twilly d'Hermès collection, having been released in 2018. The name of the fragrance comes from narrow silk scarves called "twillie" - the neck of the bottle is decorated with the same ribbon. The design of the novelty differs compared to its predecessors: the perfume is light yellow, and the cap has changed from black to white color.

Get acquainted with the novelty at the Hermès boutique on the 1st floor of the Vremena Goda Galleries.