Инновационная косметика Augutinus Bader
31 Mar 2022

Innovative cosmetics by Augutinus Bader

Formulas are based on thirty years of research experience in the field of regenerative processes at the cellular and tissue levels and provide sustainable long-term benefits for smooth, radiant and healthy skin.

Among the products on offer, you’ll find:

  • Body cream

State-of-the-art technology plus a luxurious moisturizing formula. The award-winning cream intensively moisturizes and renews the skin, noticeably improving its tone and texture.

  • Body lotion

Created using moisture-locking technology and reinforced with the TFC8® complex, it is quickly absorbed, instantly moisturizes, softens, refreshes and gives skin a healthy glow.

  • Body Oil

Highly effective, instantly nourishing oil based on the TFC8® complex and active plant components. Quick absorbing, leaving no oily traces. It deeply moisturizes, softens, and protects the skin, providing an instantly visible effect.

  • Hand cream

The luxuriously thick texture is quickly absorbed, moisturizes and nourishes the dry skin of hands suffering from the damaging, stripping effects of frequent washing.

  • Face cream with a light texture

A very light, refreshing, moisturizing cream that stimulates the natural process of skin cell renewal and causes a noticeable transformation of its appearance. The cream is based on the results of 30 years of scientific research and enhanced by the TFC8® complex.

  • Deep moisturizing face cream

A highly concentrated, deeply moisturizing cream for daily use that stimulates the natural processes of skin rejuvenation, transforming its appearance and reducing dryness. Based on the results of 30 years of scientific research and enhanced by the TFC8® complex.

  • Facial oil

The regenerating, fast-absorbing composition instantly nourishes, moisturizes, refreshes and protects the skin. The result is immediately visible —a fresh complexion and a long-lasting natural glow.

  • Cleansing gel for the face

A daily cleanser with a refreshing effect and soothing herbal ingredients. Gently cleanses the skin and improves complexion. Based on the results of 30 years of scientific research and enhanced by the TFC8® complex.

  • Cleansing Face Balm

This thick balm melts on the skin, easily eliminating dirt and makeup without leaving an oily film. Cleanses thoroughly and at the same time gently refreshes the skin and gives it radiance.

  • Face Toner

A multifunctional fast-absorbing essence combines in its formula everything that the skin needs after a cleansing procedure.

  • Lip Balm

This innovative balm moisturizes, nourishes and has a rejuvenating effect on the skin of the lips, reducing the appearance of signs of premature ageing with each application. Lips instantly become softer, smoother and acquire a healthy appearance.

"Our skincare technology works by studying the natural needs of the skin to enable restoration, purposefully delivering various active ingredients while influencing and controlling skin cells." – Professor Agustinus Bader.

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