Изысканный крем и масло для лица из коллекции «Золотая Икра»
11 Oct 2022

Exquisite face cream and oil from "Golden Caviar" collection

Exquisite Golden Caviar Oil is the top of both science and nature harmony. Luxurious caviar and Edelweiss macerated oil envelopes skin with a silky veil, nourishes, protects and gives instant comfort.

Highly concentrated Edelweiss oil is rich in antioxidants and gives an effective anti-aging effect. It instantly plumps, smoothes and gives your skin a phenomenal radiance. The regenerating blackcurrant oil gives an immune-stimulating effect, neutralizing irritationion and restores your skin's healthy life.

Caviar oil is great for stimulating cell renewal and remineralizing skin. It has a powerful firming effect. Phytosqualane works on restoring the hydrolipidic film, preventing moisture loss, improving skin breathing and instantly softening it. Jojoba and Macadamia oils provide exclusive nourishment and regeneration, making your skin firm and velvet.

This elite concentrated oil preserves and supports your skin's ecosystem, giving a unique sensory pleasure, while leaving no greasy residue.

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