Капсульная коллекция Artycapucines от Louis Vuitton
28 Sep 2020

Louis Vuitton Artycapucines Capsule Collection

In 2013, Louis Vuitton launched the Capucines bag. After a while, the Louis Vuitton wanted contemporary artists to give a new meaning to this iconic accessory, by presenting real pieces of art in the Artycapucines collection. The new Artycapucines capsule has come out this year. Such contemporary artists as Henry Taylor, Beatriz Milhazes, Joshua "Josh" Smith, Jean-Michel Otoniel, Jie Zhou, Liu Wei participated in this work.

The artists have embodied on the bags the elements related to their works of art, by involving a wide variety of sources of inspiration. Beatriz Milhazes, for instance, decorated the bag with circles of 18 different kinds of leather, Jean-Michel Otoniel represented a raffia accessory, and Josh Smith depicted on the bag a variation of his original painting "The Name".

Each bag from the Artycapucines collection is limited to 200 items and will be available for sale this fall.

Louis Vuitton, 1rd floor