Коллекция бижутерии Chanel
8 Jul 2020

Chanel Jewelry Collection

The jewellery in the Chanel collections always serves as the perfecting of the silhouette, finally setting the necessary accents. Its story is closely associated with the biography of Coco Chanel herself: Mademoiselle was very fond of complementing images with jewellery as well as fashion jewellery, artistically combining them with each other. The very first such Chanel jewellery appeared in the 20s of the last century, and since then, each accessory released by the Fashion House has been characterized by inventiveness, visual impact, avant-garde, functionality as well as a personal touch.

A great contribution to the development of the jewellery line was made by maestro Karl Lagerfeld, who dared to complement the classics with modern elements and invented novel ways of wearing jewellery. The current creative director of Chanel, Virginie Viard, has continued this line, using the landmarks of Chanel jewellery design - pearls, chains, camellias, logomania and much more.

Chanel boutique, 1st floor