Коллекция купальников Wolford из технологичной ткани
25 May 2021

Wolford Tech Swimwear Collection

Wolford releases a new collection of swimwear made of technological and sustainable fabrics. It is crafted from recycled yarns inspired by scuba diving suits. The uniqueness of the material is that it dries very quickly. The swimwear in the collection is complemented by fringe, which gives the products dynamism and relevance. Models are available in two colors.

Peculiarities of the collection and technology:

  • Bonded seams
  • Fast drying
  • Made of recycled yarn
  • Easy care - delicate machine wash at 30 °С
  • Available in 2 colors - army and black

Beach Body straps can be criss-crossed or worn in a halter-neck style

Buying fashion items from the collection is a more sustainable and responsible choice.

Wolford, 3rd floor