Летняя жизнеутверждающая коллекция Louis Vuitton
13 May 2021

Optimistic Louis Vuitton collection Summer 2021

Louis Vuitton presents a new summer collection. The line is inspired by sun, beach and summer sunsets. The collection includes models made in vibrant colors: from azure blue to delicate pastel shades.

The key attributes of the summer collection include: brand's gradient monograms, Damier Azur's signature patterns and Monogram Beach, a striped print that recreates the designs of vintage beach umbrellas. Their prints are applied on topical knitwear sets, light shirts, windbreakers, shoes, bags and leather accessories. The collection also includes fashion items for a beach holiday: swimwear, towels, sunglasses as well as skimboards.

The collection is already available at the Louis Vuitton boutique in the Vremena Goda Galleries.

Louis Vuitton boutique, 1st floor