Новая коллекция Emporio Armani
22 Mar 2022

The All-New Emporio Armani Collection

The new 2022 collection has been based on everyday luxury and elegance.

A feminine and elongated silhouette with an accentuated waist is embodied throughout their collection of dresses and light jumpsuits. Flying styles and translucent fabrics are complemented by unusual accessories and statement jewelry. Silk blouses and flowing trousers in combination reward the created image with new tactile qualities.

The men's collection boasts a superb palette of sand, blue and light shades of gray.

Minimalism and restraint contrast with layering and oversized models, while weightless blazers and shirts have been replaced by dense denim jackets.

The Emporio Armani brand makes sure that clothes reflect individuality; the cut should be impeccable, and the details should be thought out. Elegance, restraint, and taste are the three pillars on which the fashion house rests.

Emporio Armani, 2nd floor