Новая коллекция кожанных аксессуаров Montblanc Sartorial
30 Apr 2021

Montblanc Sartorial New Leather Accessories Collection

The new Montblanc Sartorial collection includes leather accessories that combine classic design with modern style. The core of the collection's aesthetic takes the reimagined Montblanc symbol, the M element.

Montblanc Sartorial are accessories that will accompany business travelers, active metropolitan residents as well as entrepreneurs in their hectic lives. Available in black, navy blue and graphite leather, these models have been carefully crafted to reflect the ever-changing style of their wearer.

The collection includes:

  • Large, medium or ultra-compact document bags with zippered compartments for storing laptops, tablets and documents.
  • Large, medium or small backpacks.
  • Vertical and horizontal tote bags.
  • Bags with shoulder straps, standard and mini size envelopes.
  • Briefcase, laptop sleeve, clutch and compact bag.
  • Wallets, pen case, business card holders, passport case and key rings.

Montblanc boutique, 1st floor