Новая модель Viva от Salvatore Ferragamo
4 May 2020

The new “Viva” model by SalvatoreFerragamo

The inspiration for the new shoe design is the original Vara model of court shoes, which Fiamma Ferragamo, daughter of Salvatore Ferragamo, introduced in 1979. A while back, Vara classic shoes made an appeal to a new generation of girls - dynamic and feminine at the same time.

“We are proud of the opportunity to design a new generation of Ferragamo shoes. The Viva model is a symbol of the Ferragamo future, which is open to everyone and, at the same time, deeply rooted in all the best that we represent as a brand,”said Paul Andrew, creative director of Ferragamo. - The legendary Vara bow has become bigger and and made of the same material as the shoe itself, whether it is leather, suede or denim. The inspiration came for me from the creativity of the artist, Richard Serra: I modernized the heel, giving it a sculptural form."