Новинка в Aldo Coppola: жидкие маски 111SKIN
15 Oct 2021

Novelties at Aldo Coppola: 111SKIN liquid masks

There is a new interesting novelty appeared in Aldo Coppola beauty centers: liquid masks from the 111SKIN brand. Unlike disposable sheet mask, liquid masks are available in reusable packaging. The masks make an important part of 6 existing 111SKIN collections and are aimed at resolving specific skin care problems.

Nac Y2 Recovery Mask

A rich repair mask helps remove irritation and redness as well as firm the skin.

Contour Firming Mask

The sleep mask creates a protective coating to reduce the visible signs of premature aging, including wrinkles and pigmentation. The diamond peptides in the composition make the most to enhance the effectiveness of the lifting ingredients.

Microbiome Blemish Mask

A gentle pre- and postbiotic peel-off face mask regulates the natural microbiome of skin bacteria, creating both a strengthened and balanced barrier.

Oxygen Express Mask

The refreshing mask fosters and optimizes cellular processes, tones, tightens and improves the skin look with the help of oxygen. This technology is inspired by cryotherapy techniques.

Rose Quartz Exfoliating Mask

A mask containing fruit acids and delicate rose quartz powder reduces the visibility of pores and instantly gives the skin radiance due to both chemical and physical exfoliation.

Molecular Hydration Mask

The moisturizing mask is easily absorbed, restoring dry, dehydrated skin. The concentrated formula saturates with multi-molecular hyaluronic acid together with other moisturizing ingredients penetrating into all skin layers.

Aldo Coppola, 3 rd floor