Новое авторское ателье Perce-Neige
9 Nov 2022

New author's studio Perce-Neige

Perce-Neige author's atelier is a space from every woman's dreams where she can always feel beautiful.

Perfect coats, dresses and suits are created here, and these items can easily rival with the most expensive and well-known luxury brands.

Perce-Neige is not only the highest quality of clothing. It has this special atmosphere where you can relax after a hard day, discuss your future suit or dress, as well as share trending news and have fun. Perce-Neige treats its guests with maximum attention and care and helps you forget about your problems. You leave this place in your best mood — only to come back here again, have tea with friends and relax.

Perce-Neige, 3d Floor