Новогодний мультипликационный проект Mercury
29 Dec 2023

Mercury project: New Year's cartoon

As the seasons change, Mercury jewelry bears keep traveling. Once again, winter has arrived. Our heroes can be found playing in the snow, building snowmen, skating on a frozen fairy pond, and, of course, adorning the Christmas tree with Mercury jewelry, each of which is a special item on display in a Mercury boutique. The festive glow of precious stones now fills the enchanted forest, and beneath the main New Year's tree, each person will discover a treasured gift that will grant their wishes and bring joy and happiness for the coming year.

The Mercury necklace with a diamond pendant weighing over 44 carats and the yellow pear-cut diamond earrings, each weighing nine carats, are two examples of the jewelry that the heroes have used to adorn the fairytale forest. A delicate garland of necklaces featuring precisely cut, colorless, heart-shaped diamonds totaling over 53 carats is delicately hung by the bears. The central tree is adorned with a necklace that has a nearly 8-carat deep blue sapphire in the center and more than 27 carats worth of diamonds. This magical forest is adorned with numerous other jewels.

Every one of the cartoon characters is also available for viewing and purchasing at the Mercury boutique.