Новые коллекции термобелья в X.O.
7 Oct 2022

New collections of thermal underwear in X.O.

Salon of men's underwear X.O. presents new collections of thermal underwear from the best manufacturers.

Thermal underwear is crucial for any outdoor activities and work on cold weather days — it keeps your body warm and regulates the humidity level, creating comfort no matter how physically active you are. Thermal underwear is your "second skin", and its quality is important for your outer layers effectiveness. A hygroscopic fiber and a special fabric structure help to absorb perspiration.

The second important feature of the fabric is its ability to retain the air gap as it helps to keep your body warm more than the fabric itself. The air is kept between the tiny villi of the fabric, ensuring you to stay warm even during low activity periods.

It is important that your thermal underwear does not cause any allergic reactions, irritation, or discomfort, that is why X.O. manufacturers only use hypoallergenic soft fabrics.

X.O. offers products for every taste and budget: from quality inexpensive brands O’Man by Oryades, Norveg, Jockey, Olaf Benz to premium Calida, Falke, Zimmerli and Hanro. Each brand offers 100% wool thermals for outdoor walks as well as options for sports enthusiasts — with polyamide helping absorb perspiration more effectively. Premium brands products also include silk for extra soft feel and better thermoregulation.

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