Осенне-зимняя коллекция Sandro
26 Aug 2020

Sandro Fall / Winter Collection

In the new season the Sandro girl is coming back to the trends of the past, making an authentic wardrobe, where the classic codes of the early 80s are mixed with current trends.

The fall collection has a reference to the school uniform with its clear tailor-made lines, pleated skirts and V-neck jersey tops. Tie-print dresses are complemented by double-breasted blazers, and the S (Sandro) monogram adorns the wool jacquard and silk blouses. Tweed jackets, culottes and men's shirts are becoming essential wardrobe items. Denim, leather and fur jackets, like polished by time, finally have bided their time, as well as the romantic corduroy pantsuit as if borrowed from Charlotte Rampling in the 80s. These elements of fashion heritage can be easily combined with capes and chunky punk boots.

Sandro boutique, 3rd floor