Brand with a French heart

Sandro tells a story of talent, love and determination. Evelyne Chetrite, its founder, worked for a long time in a vintage shop and happened to appeal to customers due to her excellent knowledge of range and qualified assistance in making the choice. Evelyn’s spouse suggested her launch her own project, and as it turned out, it paid dividends - today there are already more than 450 stores throughout the world. The flagship boutique in Moscow was introduced in 2004. One of the key principles of the brand is sustainable resource consumption as well as creation in every sense of the word. The company has completely abandoned natural fur, optimized the number of the fashion items released, and does its best to make the most of natural and recyclable materials.

Signature style

The creative director continues to be Evelyne Chetrite, being inspired by childhood memories of life in Morocco and the mood of big cities.

Since childhood, she was surrounded by beautiful things, since her aunt worked as a fashion designer, and her grandfather owned a small shop selling men's shirts. It is interesting that despite the oriental motives involved, "Sandro" absolutely accurately reflects an authentic French flavor. Reserved chic and gentle rock - each collection of the brand tends to trigger such controversial associations. Evelyn is skillful in combining refined femininity with masculine severity and firmness, blending the opposite: emphasized sophistication and calm androgyny. Here you can buy ascetic pants, lace shorts and graphic black and white dresses.


The Sandro studio and atelier are located right at the head office in Paris, where creative designers diligently work out patterns and select fabrics.


The founders of the brand are being in continuous search for innovation. To illustrate this: Flames sneakers, knitted tweed in Sandro cardicouts, knitted dresses – these are bestsellers with a signature recognizable design.


In fact, this is the third power of the brand, derived from the previous two. Sandro Studio constantly works on coming up with know-how as well as sticking to top quality standards. Shoes, for example, are made in Italy, because this country is famous for its expertise in leather and shoe crafts. Flyn knitted dresses are made in China, because only this country possesses special machines. It takes 5 hours for such machine to create 1 dress, and it takes about 4.5 hours to decorate 1 item with embroidery.

Address Sandro: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor

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