Oksana Lavrentieva, a world-renowned entrepreneur, the co-owner of the publishing house ‘Independent media’ and the founder of the health and beauty centre chain "White Garden", has finally decided to fulfil her childhood dream and has launched her own clothing brand – OLOLOL.

The brand’s beginnings are inspiring; one day, during a spiritual practice class, Oksana asked herself “what should I invest my time and effort into?”. The answer immediately came to mind – “self-development”. It was then that she realized that her inner brand needed to be developed.

Oksana Lavrentieva had owned and operated a fashion clothing brand for 10 years, but last year, due to the pandemic, the decision was made to discontinue the endeavour. Even then, Oksana had plans to start her own brand that would be aimed at a wider audience. The OLOLOL brand was born and retains luxury with its level of quality at an affordable price.

For Oksana, it is important that a woman from any economic background, age group or field of activity can buy an accessory or object of power from the brand’s collection.

According to Oksana herself, the brand offers pieces created for women by women: the collection doesn’t just include dresses, but also household items, knitwear, outerwear, as well as unique power items.

Things will go on sale in "drops", that is, one-time releases of new collections. The first collections are already available to witness at the Vremena Goda Galleries in Moscow.

The main mission of the brand is to return strength to women. In the OLOLOL line, there are lots of comfortable yet versatile clothes in which you can look elegant while feeling cosy and at home.

Address OLOLOL: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor