The Parisian House of Breguet, founded by the legendary watchmaker Abraham-Louis Bréguet, creates truly innovative models based on age-old traditions of the craftsmanship. Striking details such as a guilloche dial, hands of a very particular shape and a corrugated bezel unmistakably help us to recognize Breguet’s timepieces at first sight. Moreover, the owner can confirm the watch’s authenticity for themselves, thanks to a secret inscription on the dial that is only discernible under a very specific kind of light.
What is the reason for the founder’s widespread fame?
We owe Abraham-Louis Bréguet multiple inventions, which were ahead of their time and strongly influenced the development of the industry. Among the major ones is the “eternal” mechanical time piece with automatic winding.
Which famous figures have been known to wear Breguet watches?
Among the devotees of the House are many legendary figures of various ages – from Queen of France Marie Antoinette to Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill. But perhaps the main connoisseur of Abraham-Louis Bréguet’s craftsmanship was Napoleon’s sister, Queen of Naples Caroline Bonaparte.
What is the connection between the House and Russia?
The relationship between Breguet and Russia has already spanned more than two centuries. In 1808, the House opened its first office in Saint Petersburg, Russia. 17 years later, the first chapter of Eugene Onegin by the renowned Russian poet Alexander Pushkin included the lines that perpetuated the brand: “Until Bréguet's unsleeping chime advises him of dinner-time” (translation by Ch. Johnston). Today, Moscow alone has two boutiques of the House – one of them is situated at the Vremena Goda Galleries (“Four Seasons”).
Address Breguet: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 1 floor

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