Осенне-зимняя коллекция Stella McCartney
28 Oct 2020

Stella McCartney Fall / Winter Collection

Stella McCartney, one of the main eco-activists of the fashion industry, has confirmed this status during the new fall-winter collection show. The guests of the Paris fashion show were presented with plants, as the symbol of respect to the environment. To reinforce the message delivered, in addition to models, animators wearing costumes of cows, foxes, hares, crocodiles and other animals appeared on the runway.

When it comes to the collection, it is also based on eco-concept. It includes the fashion items made of not natural fur, but of a special material fur-free fur, consisting of polyester, acrylic, wool and mohair. Instead of genuine leather, eco-leather is used, raincoats, as well as dresses, were made of it, and from eco-wool, the designer created suits and capes.

The natural theme is reflected in the prints as well: for example, sweaters, coats and jackets were decorated with brooches in the shape of horses, crocodiles and monkeys. Stella McCartney's fall-winter collection is available now at the Vremena Goda Galleries.

Stella McCartney, 1st floor