Осенне-зимняя коллекция Ulyana Sergeenko
15 Sep 2021

Ulyana Sergeenko Fall-Winter collection

The Ulyana Sergeenko fashion house unveils a new fall-winter collection Demi-Couture, where silhouettes of different eras and styles are harmonically combined and complemented by the brand's signature prints. The collection features a large selection of fashion items: mini and midi dresses with accessories and cutouts, jackets and cropped blouses with voluminous shoulders, skirts of different styles and lengths, jump suits, cashmere coats, sweaters as well as knitted suits.

Art Deco style with its strict geometric lines, elements of the glased tile stove painting together with favorite characters of Vasnetsov's illustrations has served as a source of inspiration for the collection. Images of cats and hares are combined with illustrations of forest mushrooms, apples and berries, framed by patterns that resemble tile ornaments.

Ulyana Sergeenko’s traditional rose flower is delicately integrated into one of the prints referring us to Art Deco design. Such rosebuds have already been involved in the brand's couture collection for the spring-summer 2021 season.

Using a multifaceted heart figure as a decorative element has become another design solution. There are heart-shaped patches on dresses and skirts, jacket pockets, as well as the decolletage zone shape. Its outlines can be also seen in the textile patterns.

The looks are completed by silk scarves, as well as pointed leather boots with heels. In the upcoming season, the line of accessories is replenished with two bright colors of the Natalia bag: now it is presented in red and burgundy shades.

Ulyana Sergeenk, 1st floor