В Галереях «Времена Года» открылся бутик AGNONA
23 Sep 2018

AGNONA Boutique Is Opened in Vremena Goda Galleries

Continuing the policy of removing promising brands from its collection into separate mono-brands, Cashmere and Silk presents to the sophisticated Moscow public a monobutik of the Italian brand AGNONA. The space, decorated according to the canons of modern luxury, is opened on the 2nd floor of Vremena Goda.

The new concept design reflects the unique AGNONA path in the fashion world. Mobile structures made of aged metal cite the industrial architecture of the original AGNONA building, located north of Milan. They graphically frame collections of the softest mixes of cashmere, vicuna, alpaca, mohair combined with silk and materials of a new generation. Wooden panels on the walls are a reference to the detail of “naveta” used to create an oblique thread on historical machines of AGNONA. The art of creating unique materials is also readable both in handmade plastic panels, which recreate the texture of the “cashmere cloud”, a sign stole for the brand, and in the decor of intertwined metal elements on the ceiling echoing the hand-knitted woolen carpets covering the floor from the traditional for Milan Ceppo di Grè.