Opening of the renovated Salvatore Ferragamo boutique
18 Oct 2021

Opening of the renovated Salvatore Ferragamo boutique

On October 14, 2021, the grand opening of the Salvatore Ferragamo renewed boutique took place in the Vremena Goda Galleries.

The grand opening was attended by such celebrities as: Yulianna Karaulova, Yang Ge, Polina Askeri, Ilya Bachurin, Karina Nigai, Alexander Sorkin, Victoria Korotkova, Vasily Ackerman, Peter Romanov, Monica Radikati, Olga Kabo and others.

The new space features a renewed design and concept: mustard-colored velvet sofas, polished walnut furniture, elegant steel and brass fittings, marble floors and soft lighting. The interiors of the renowned Florentine house reflect the Salvatore Ferragamo aesthetics: tradition and modernity, timeless elegance coupled with unconditional comfort.

In the spacious boutique located in the Vremena Goda Galleries on the area of 170 m2 there are collected women's and men's ranges of the celebrated Florentine fashion house: shoes, accessories, ready-to-wear clothes, silk and leather goods.

Having shown a sustainable development, the brand is heading for creativity, like the new Future Positive collection presented at the opening.

The message the collection delivers is future-oriented and it is designed for those who are determined to make their own fortune independently and in a positive way. This collection truly reflects the DNA of Salvatore Ferragamo as a brand “with tradition” that will always promote the progressive formula underlying its success. This formula makes a combination of technological innovation and aesthetic powers of invention: this is how a current-time design is born, which after time seems to become timeless.