Пишущие инструменты Montblanc к китайскому Новому году
25 Sep 2020

Montblanc Writing Instruments for Chinese New Year

Montblanc prepares in advance for the Chinese New Year launching its writing instruments’ annual limited edition designed to bring good luck and fortune.

Presenting the items from the Signs and Symbols collection, the House turns for inspiration to myths and legends which have been remaining significant in the culture of the East and the whole world to this day.

Launched since 2015, the Montblanc Signs and Symbols collection includes two series: the first one, The Legend of the Zodiac, is dedicated to the symbol of the zodiac year, and the second one, Journey with Dragons, celebrates these majestic and fantastic creatures. Each year's series, being a brilliant example of hand-engraving sterling silver, differs from previous ones in design, materials and content, paying tribute to ancient symbols.

In 2021, Montblanc dedicates the Legend of the Zodiac series to the Year of the Ox. Being the second animal in the Chinese zodiac, the bull represents strength, determination, reliability, and justice.

Montblanc, 1rd floor