Праздничная коллекция Ulyana Sergeenko
8 Dec 2020

Holiday collection from Ulyana Sergeenko

Elegant silhouettes, signature corsets and high-quality fabrics decorated with lace, beads and sequins make the iconic elements which are the basis of the latest holiday capsule collection of the Ulyana Sergeenko Fashion House.

All the outfits are made in the shades of black, red, emerald, as well as sky blue and they, are complemented by memorable accessories that can become real art objects. For example, the collection includes hand-knitted gloves embroidered with beads - crochet, silk hair covers, as well as fancy handbags - in the shape of a ballerina, a rocking horse and a glass decorated with crystals, without which brand is impossible to imagine.

Ulyana Sergeenko, 1st floor