Праздники в 2018 году — традиции на века
8 Oct 2018

Holidays 2018: Centuries Long Traditions

De Beers Jewelers makes all holiday wishes come true and offers new and spectacular jewelry for all times.

Inspired by the inexhaustible spirit of the holiday, the company De Beers Jewelers is pleased to present replenishments in the company’s collections DB Classic, Dewdrop, Talisman and My First De Beers, as well as to open a new brilliant page in the history of Enchanted Lotus. The variety of new jewelry not only reflects the continuity of De Beers Jewelers diamonds but also allows you to choose a great gift that will definitely appeal to the nearest and dearest.

Continuing the theme of the De Beers Enchanted Lotus collection during this festive period, the new jewelry emphasizes the purity and perfection of the blossoming lotus flower, its ideal shape and symmetry. Eight tracery diamond petals in the micro pave technique grow from diamond in the center weighing 0.30 carats and are attached to the openwork base in white gold.

Diamonds as symbols of eternity are supplemented with beautiful mother of pearl and sparkling gems carrying the energy and symbols of antiquity. The new jewelery from the De Beers Enchanted Lotus collection spectacularly combining diamonds and gems will be ideal gifts that emphasize the individuality of their owners.

Five new jewelery complete the Enchanted Lotus collection with sparkling mother of pearl, symbolizing good luck and prosperity since ancient times, and rose gold in the new Enchanted Lotus ring and bracelet with the lotus flower.

Especially for holiday gifts, De Beers offers two new bracelets from the Talisman collection using the serti poinçon technique, which gives them even more enchanting beauty. This branded handmade pattern fills the entire surface of precious metals, as if lifting uncut diamonds closer to the light. Talisman You & Me bracelets are inspired by the union of two souls and represent it in the form of uncut diamonds harmoniously complementing each other. The delicate yellow gold bracelet is full of grace and elegance, while a larger white gold bracelet looks more courageous. Presented together, they will call the inexhaustible power of diamonds to the service of eternal love, loyalty, and friendship.