Пять уникальных ароматов Voyage Imaginaires
2 Oct 2021

Five unique Voyage Imaginaires fragrances

A specialty has appeared in the “Perfumes and Cosmetics” beauty space: Voyage Imaginaires perfumes. It is a French niche brand created in 2020. The collection of the brand features five unique fragnances: Tea & Rock'n'Roll with the bracing notes of Earl Gray; Le Grand Jeu with bright gardenia and tuberose; L'échappée Sauvage with a creamy wild fig scent; La Couleur De La Nuit with subtle notes of young lavender; Azahar with a sweet orange blossom scent, immersed in a citrus cocktail of petitgrain and mandarin.

There are the two girls who are working on the fragrances: Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal. Being passionate about natural ingredients, they create fragrances based on organic wheat alcohol.

The Voyage Imaginaires fragrances are inspired by travel, both real and imaginary. Having been created in absolute freedom, perfumes invite us to open new horizons, color as well as fill dull days with poetry, go play with imagination and surrender to dreams.

Voyage Imaginaires comprise an alternative perfumery that each time sounds like a completely new melody, changing throughout the day, making the fragrance a unique part of its owner.

"Perfumery and Cosmetics" beauty-space, 1st floor