В X.O. при покупке термобелья вы получите в подарок футболку
17 Oct 2022

A T-shirt as a gift when buying thermal underwear in X.O.

Autumn and winter are on the way — let them be warm and comfortable!

October 14 to January 31: buy a set of thermal underwear from a selected range and get a unique Olaf Benz T-shirt from the Phantom* collection as a gift!

The Olaf Benz Phantom collection is designed for men leading an active lifestyle, taking care of their body and paying extra attention to the functionality and comfort of clothes. The Phantom uses a very unique thin fabric, created by the Swiss company Greuter Jersey for the space industry. This fabric looks like your second skin, it is elastic, smooth, and feels like pure silk.

*The promotion is valid for a selected range of thermal underwear only. The number of gifts is limited. Ask your consultant for details.

X.O., 3d Floor