Вдохновение весны в новой коллекции Eleventy
21 Jan 2022

Find inspiration for Spring with the new Eleventy collection

For the new season, designers from the Italian brand Eleventy have drawn on three key concepts – freedom, lightness and modernity. Light flowing fabrics with relaxed fits give pleasure, a new kind of freedom while emphasising the need to take care of yourself.

In the women's collection, casual elegance, a trendy design, the best materials and classic elements naturally combine to emphasize a certain refined femininity.

The men's collection is based on the freedom of movement, the lightness of natural materials and the play of colours and shades within images. After many seasons of sportswear, Eleventy’s designers are very happy to offer blazers and other wardrobe items, providing a more classic silhouette, at the head of their collection. Indeed, the great desire for freedom is expressed in the poetic lightness of the materials, the fluidity of lines and ultimately – convenience.

Eleventy Boutique, 2nd floor