Великолепные солнцезащитные очки от Оmega для долгожданного лета
22 Jun 2020

Glorious Omega sunglasses best for the long-desired summer

Unique OMEGA glasses collection of, which design perfectly corresponds to the style of the cult brand and creates the image of trendy and successful person, has appeared just in perfect time.

One of the bright ideas - to add to the feminine retro look the traditional features of OMEGA watch collections has led to the creation of women's glasses with a square frame. Like warm rays of the setting sun, the metal frame has a reflection of pink gold, and the classic waffle pattern lens rim is complemented by a wave-like Seamaster pattern on the earpieces. The design resonates with the legendary flourishing period of the French Riviera. However, it is relevant and reflects the features of contemporary luxury.

While preserving the timeless elegance of the popular men's aviator glasses, OMEGA complemented them with its own bright accents. Made in Italy the glasses are appropriate both on steep slope of a mountain serpentine, and in a deck chair on the deck of the pool. The image of the pioneer is supported by a metal frame of light gold colour, complemented by Dark Havana accessories, and a logo in the form of a knob on the tips of the ear hooks. The same one traditionally decorate the Swiss OMEGA watch.

The vintage line is completed by unisex round glasses with smoky lenses framed by a rim with an unusual combination of black acetate and shiny palladium metal. It might sound fantastic, but it's really a retro design with blinkers and a double bridge. Glasses can be worn on the hottest days when the long-desired sun floods everything around.

These and other OMEGA sunglasses can be found in the brand's boutique on the 1st floor of the Vremena Goda Galleries.