Коллекция Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture, весна-лето 2022
25 Mar 2022

Ulyana Sergeenko’s Haute Couture Collection – Spring-Summer 2022

The hero of the brand’s new collection is the turbulent era of the 20s, and the designer is referring not so much to the time of the cardinal changes of the 2020s, but rather to the ‘roaring’ 1920s, which we all wish to have experienced. The imperfection of the world shall be overcome according to the laws of beauty. The spirit of theatrical evenings and the aristocratic routs of the beginning of the era of modernity and Art Deco, embodied through the prism of the modern man, turn the play of colors, shapes, and textures into a multifaceted image, referring to one of the main fashion innovations introduced to the world stage.

The playful and mischievous mood of the collection is built around the art of constructivism, Art Nouveau culture and the theme of sports. The observer gets acquainted with the heroes of the new Ulyana Sergeenko collection, confidently walking in the aesthetic structure of the creative heritage of the Soviet avant-garde artist Lyubov Popova, whose drawings and sketches are embodied in the design of lace corsets, embroidery, and silhouettes.

Ulyana Sergeenko, 1st floor