Летняя коллекция «Дикие цветы» от Rosenthal в «Дом Фарфора»
29 Jun 2021

Summer collection "Wild Flowers" by Rosenthal at Dom Farfora

Dom Farfora unveils the Wild Flowers collection from the German brand Rosenthal. It was the flower meadow that inspired Regula Stüdli, the Swiss textile master, to create the Fleurs Sauvages decor for the Rosenthal manufactory. A placer of bright flowers, as well as delicate twigs, go well with green leaves and white flowers.

The floral décor and the functional elegance of Brillance's forms do belong together. Complex floral patterns are unique and distinct for any item of the collection, making it classy and inimitable.

The collection is available both in sets and items separately.

"Dom Farfora", -1st floor