Новая коллекция Ulyana Sergeenko
25 Apr 2023

A new collection by Ulyana Sergeenko

Natural patterns, wild flowers, and traditional costumes are the key themes of Ulyana Sergeenko Fashion House's new collection.

Vintage techniques, folk aesthetics, and a calm color scheme create a dramatic and thoughtful atmosphere. Pan-European folk notes are guessed in many details: the thistle, so adored in misty Albion, lurks on a silk crepe jacket and a woolen coat; sissy-clover, giving luck, on a cord-lace coat; or wormwood, yarrow, and tansy, humble regulars of the Central Russian terrain. Petticoats and outerwear are suddenly lined with flowers and green grass (instead of taffeta) that seem to be breaking through to the light.

Ulyana Sergeenko, 1st Floor