Новые модели TAG Heuer Carrera
21 Sep 2020

New TAG Heuer Carrera models

On the occasion of its 160th anniversary, TAG Heuer presents the new Carrera collection, inspired by the original Heuer Carrera watch, first launched in 1963.

The refinement of the new TAG Heuer Carrera is enhanced by the laconic stainless steel bezel - it lacks a tachymeter scale in order to convey the aesthetics of the legendary Heuer Carrera.

The 42-mm chronograph case is equipped with buttons and additional counters on the face. Regardless of the color scheme of the face, which can be made either in matte black or blue, dark grey or silver colour, at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions, there are additional counters decorated in the azurage technique. Above the small date front glass in the 6 o'clock position there is a small, constant seconds counter. The chronograph is distinguished by the branded Caliber Heuer 02 mechanism with the extended power reserve of 80 hours.

The black and blue face options are complemented by an H-shaped stainless steel bracelet. The two-tone model with a silvery face and rose-gold-plated hands, as well as an option with a dark grey face, are presented on a brown alligator leather watchband. The sapphire glass on the back of the case allows the work observation of the innovative mechanism.

TAG Heuer, 1st floor