Новый бренд Anomalia Paris
18 Apr 2023

New brand: Anomalia Paris

Anomalia Paris is a bold, gender-neutral perfume company that challenges the norms of contemporary perfumery and revives a centuries-old business. reminding us that what is now seen as normal was once frowned upon, and what is now regarded as abnormal will soon become the new standard. So why do we need to wait for change when we have the power to bring it about?

Anomalia Paris announces the most important thing: complete freedom. Be yourself and pursue your ambitions. Gain the chance to be imperfect, changing, and unique, and to embrace all of the contrasts that make us who we are. Accept your emotions and your nature; life without static, in constant evolution, is genuine freedom.

Because of this, Elena Spirina, the creator and art director of Anomalia Paris, designed seven perfumes that may be worn singly or in combinations. As a result, they enable you to produce an original and distinctive aroma.

Each scent in the Essence (S) Versatile (S) line arouses in us a distinct feeling and association, provides us with priceless vigor, and brings us closer to everyone who inspires us throughout the day.

Perfumery and Cosmetics, 1st Floor