Осенне-зимняя коллекция HIGH
15 Oct 2020

HIGH fall-winter collection

HIGH goes playing with fashion stereotypes, using masculine style to create ultra-feminine models in a new fall / winter collection.

The collection includes a light coat and jacket with a checked shawl collar, a bomber with wool trim, a long wool coat, maxi knitted alpaca cardigans, egg-shaped coat, a layered velour frock coat and other models.

In the Boy Tailoring section, you can find pleated trousers, “men's” checkered jackets with a floral pattern. The HIGH Office line goes on with a double-breasted jacket with multiple buttons, a flared jacket with a dress and bomber. The key elements of this theme are “Inside Out” models: a jacket and pants with “lining” made in a floral pattern, in camel, navy and black colours. A similar miniature floral pattern is used for shirts as well.

To accentuate the contemporary metropolitan sophistication, the most optimal outfits are: all-black City Chic suit made of matte black jersey and wool crepe, a fancy jacket and wrap dress, a black jacket with a shawl collar, and wide-leg trousers. The final note Soft Touch of this collection is calm enough - champagne and bottle green velvet is used to create super-soft jackets, pants and dresses.

HIGH, 2nd floor