«Времена Года» и журнал InStyle провели для детей и их родителей веселый праздник с танцами и сладостями
1 Sep 2018

Vremena Goda And Instyle Magazine Held A Cheerful Celebration For Children And Their Parents With Dances And Sweets

To make a new school year perfect, you should meet it cheerfully and brightly - that was exactly what the guests of the Knowledge Day did at Vremena Goda Galleries. Since early morning on September 1, InStyle magazine and Vremena Goda entertained kids, schoolchildren and their parents on the first floor of the Galleries. Magical heroes invited kids to a photo session in familiar scenery from their favorite cartoons, organized creative master classes, played and laughed a lot.

Of course, one of the most popular places on this vivid event was the candy-bar from Ribambelle restaurant: airy cakes, multicolored candies and yogurt desserts with berry toppings created a truly festive mood. Mothers of sweet teeth didn't miss the opportunity to remember their childhood either and forgot about boring diets for a while.

The most active participants of the celebration at Vremena Goda could not sit still and attended a dancing lesson from GallaDance club. It was especially great to learn routines with children's movie characters and club animators.

The guests took their time, but as they say, business before pleasure. Indeed, real lessons will begin at schools on Monday, which means kids need to get enough sleep and set themselves up for an upcoming interesting and eventful academic year ahead.